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Friday 19th December 2014WoCA moves from Race Street; Takes Artspace Hiatus, will continue through satellite exhibitions and community arts programs.


Lauren Cross





December 18, 2014





Dear WoCA Supporters, Family, and Friends,


Some of you have inquired with great concern about the recent events on Race Street that hit the Riverside community surrounding the gallery, and after talking to many of our advisors and supporters we have made the decision to move from our current location on Race Street.


This move is a very difficult decision as we have enjoyed being a part of the synergy of the Riverside Arts District community, which has thrived and will continue to thrive as an important arts community in Fort Worth. We are thankful to the Artist Studios on Race Street, Debbie Stein (RAD Organizer/Leader), Flora Brewer, and many more for there continued support of WoCA and our many initiatives in the nearly 2 years that we have been on Race Street.


We’ve informed a select few in the arts community about our move, and have already received many kind words of support as we look for our new location. We are comforted that others agree with our desire to ensure the safety of our constituents and supporters. With that being said, WoCA will be taking a brief “artspace hiatus” until we finalize our future space.


In the meantime, we WILL continue our work in the community. Thanks to the success of our recent crowd-funding campaign, our amazing supporters and sponsors, and new partnerships with local arts and community organizations we will launch our new community arts programs in Fort Worth in 2015! If anything, during this brief “hiatus” we hope that WoCA will have a stronger “local” presence within neighborhoods in Fort Worth, through “satellite” exhibitions, events, and community art programs!


We will be moving from Race Street in January 2015, so be sure to email us at info@wocaprojects.com to catch our current exhibition the 2nd Annual Juried Artists’ Books Exhibition. Continue to follow our Facebook page, website, and mailing list as we plan to bring you more innovative exhibitions, events, and programs in 2015. We hope to provide you updates in the near future regarding our new location!


Yours truly,


Lauren Cross


WoCA Projects


Posted on December 19th 2014 on 12:58am


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